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He graduated from the University of Bristol, UK, where he studied French drama and literature. He obtained a graduate diploma from Sorbonne University in directing audiovisual media. For 45 years, he worked in theater and cinema in France and then Egypt. He founded the Al Warsha Independent Troupe in 1987, the first theatrical troupe in Egypt to take part in the Official Programme of Festival d’Avignon. In 1988, El-Geretly was appointed as Manager of the first experimental theater in Cairo and he resigned from his position in 1992 in order to focus on free theater. The Al Warsha Troupe attempted to portray the story of the Egyptian revolution (Zawaya) and it has also presented many theatrical works, such as the tale of Troy. Aside from troupe’s performance Halawet El Donya, which was inspired by life in Egypt, they presented Egyptian theatrical gems, such as A Bullet to the Heart (Rosasa fel Alb), Operet Ayam El Ezz, and Operet Youm El Kyama.