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Mzung is an independent filmmaker and a video artist who has lived and worked in many parts of the world.
She graduated from the major in Literature Journal in Vietnam, graduated from the in-depth film theory funded by Ford Foundation, graduated from the film course at USC School of Cinematic Arts, graduated from the course at Asian Film Academy-Korea.
She is the founder and manager of the Annual Film Festival-Autumn Meeting in Vietnam. She started her career as a screenwriter, and then began directing short films, breaking into documentaries, and now she is in the process of completing the video art episodes that integrate all her previous skills.
The video art project “When city is home” includes five episodes has been shot across the continents, combined with multi-ethnic artists and screened as the visual art exhibition. Skills of cinema, journalism, visual arts, contemporary installations are used as key elements in the work piece.
Her work is chiefly concerned with social and environmental issues but also encompasses drama and travel writing. Her film is characterized for both its wit and its ability to be thought provoking, whilst her eye behind the camera demonstrates an understanding of the mechanics of both light and life