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An Egyptian director, graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema, majored in Directing in 1969 with an excellence degree and was chosen to work as a teacher assistant at the Institute after graduating.
- He worked as an assistant director with a number of senior directors of his time, such as: (Shadi Abdel Salam, Youssef Chahine, Hassan Imam, .. and others)
- Worked as Head of Cinematography Department at the Higher Institute of Cinema.
- Head of Film Department at the British University (B.U.E).
- He taught many directors who are currently brilliant in the film scene such as (Sharif Bendari - Marwan Hamid).
He directed his first films (Department of Revenge) in 1976, after which his films such as: The Suspected 1981, Watch the Line (1984), The Tiger and the Female (1987), Shams El Zanati, 1990, . And others.
Dr. Samir Seif also produced several series, including: Al-Bashair 1987, Awan Al Ward, 2000, Blood and Fire, 2004, The Cinderella, (with red wax Starring Yousra) 2010, (the son of death starring Khaled Nabawi)