22 El Khalifa El Ma’amon, Heliopolis, Cairo. Egypt.

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Born in Upper Egypt in the mid-seventies. He has published several successful books including:
(The scenes of the life of the builders of Modern Egypt), novel (Kahl and Habban), (the impact of the Prophet - short stories from the biography biography), (Radio Singles - Biography of Singing), (Starch and glucose - open text), From the River Piedra - translation of the novel Paolo Coelho), (Pavement Egypt - a comic album photographer), (Transportation book - personal tales to kill time), (form Baat - social album sarcastic).
A number of films have been written for the film, including “Teer Enta”, “Youm Maloosh Lazma”, “Captain Masr”.
He has published several poetry collections including (coffee and chocolate) and (Meshwar lehad el Heta).
He wrote songs for many, including Asala, Rami Sabry, Ahmed Adaweya, Kairouki, Soad Massy, Ahmed Saad and Mohamed Assaf.
He presented several radio programs, including (wahed Sahabi), (el tareek ela Abdeen), (Shfat rabena with Aziz Shafei).
He presented several television programs (masry asly) and (Atjnn with Coca Cola) and (wasafooly el sabr - about writing and its people). He wrote several plays including (ya Tala al-Qalaa) and (shoghl Afarit), books for television series cartoon (Super Henidy).
He won several awards, including the best writer award in 2015 in the poll of youth magazine, and received his book Radio Singles Award for Best Book 2015 in the referendum of libraries and readers. He has written for most Egyptian newspapers and magazines and is currently writing for Al-Masry Al-Youm.