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A thriving Actor and Acting Coach, Shady Khalaf performed in more than 25 films, plays and TV series. He received the Best Actor Award at Alexandria International Film Festival for his role in Stolen Kisses (Qobolat Masroka) in 2008. He participated in the Acting for Film workshop at Met film school in London in 2014. Shady Khalaf is the founder of Studio ZAT.

Khalaf started acting when he was still a student at Faculty of Commerce, English section, at Ain Shams University, where his true passion for acting sparked his interest to pursue a career in acting.

In 2002, he graduated from Studio El Momasel. Afterwards, he worked as an Acting Coach at Studio El Momasel for four years, besides other places where he trained young actors for basic acting skills and improvisation.

Shady took part in several plays and TV series, and he also achieved success in films. Among all, theater became Shady’s favorite medium and he dreams of having a theater of his own where he leads a stage crew. Besides acting, Khalaf is also talented in poetry-writing. Shady also participated in several international workshops, along with international film festivals, where the film When Monaliza Smiled (Lamma Dehket Monaliza) was screened in 2012, including; Venice Film Festival 2008, Dubai International Film Festival 2013, Muscat International Film Festival, Oman 2014, Malmo Arab Film Festival, Sweden 2013, Carthage Film Festival 2012 and Oran Arab Film Festival, Algeria 2013.