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with Shady Khalaf

The main objective of the course is to teach each student the craft behind
taking script and translating it into an on-screen performance that is 
compelling. At the end of the workshop, each student will shoot a monologue
As a graduation project and receive a professional headshot.


- Body awareness and relaxation. 
- How to deal with tension in front of the camera.
- How to listen and react truthfully to the other actor.
- Improvisation techniques and how to use them to develop the script or the scenes.
- How to follow your impulses in a scene no matter how illogical and wrong they might seem.
- How to prepare for auditions and how to prepare scenes.
- Script analysis and breaking down scenes through the answering of the basic questions.
- All the essential techniques and skills for working with the camera.

About tShady Khalaf:  
Founder of Studio ZAT, Shady Khalaf is an actor and acting coach. He has performed in 25 feature films, series and plays. Shady Khalaf won the Best Actor Award at the Alexandria Film Festival for Kobo


10th of February
17 February 2025
6pm - 10pm
8000 EGP
Min Age:
18 Years
Refund Conditions:
A full refund is possible prior to the orientation date. If a refund is required within the week, after the orientation before the workshop commences, 50% of the full amount will be deducted. If a refund is requested after the first class, 50% of the full