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with Mohamed Nader

Participants will learn a variety of special skills in Filmmaking from A to Z,
starting from the idea, directing, shooting, editing, casting and directing
actors, how to use the music dramatically, and how to produce an 
independent film with a low budget, and all students will be asked ti direct
their own short movie at the end of the workshop.

First “Directing”:
Knowing the cadre sizes and main concepts of visual narration through watching movies. How to form cadre that show the most important points in the script and apply that on participants by making them shoot different scenes weekly. Knowing different angles and sizes of the cadres, and angles of shooting and lens sizes. How to use the camera and knowing the main principles of directing, and knowing the different kinds of camera and the materials. How to light the scene professionally. Knowing the camera movements. Knowing how to use all the director’s tools to serve the drama in terms of sizes, movements, etc. and the drama goals. The relation between the director and the scriptwriter. How the director should treat and analyze the script.

Second “The Script”:
How to develop the idea into a story and dramatic treatment. Knowing the main characteristics of the hero and the antagonist, and the relation between them, as main concepts for a drama. How to write a professional script. Knowing the main concepts of the drama. Writing a good dialogue. Importance of the first 10 pages of the script. Plot, crisis, climax and solution as key elements of the scenario. Writing a short movie monthly and shooting it. Central and sub-plot. Dividing the movie into segments. All this will be explained in detail throughout the workshop until reaching to know how to write a script for a feature film professionally.

Third “Shooting, Editing & Applying for production grants”: 
There will be 5 sessions for editing, shooting, and fundraising with professional coaches.

Forth “Directing The Actor”:
Students will know how to treat and direct the actor generally to show what is  happening in the scene, under the supervision of one of the acting coaches in the studio.

About Mohamed Nader:
Director and founder of studio Cima. And throughout the last 6 years, he has been coaching more than 500 students in different places in and outside Egypt, where some of his student’s projects have been participating in national and international Film Festivals. He directed many short movies and his film “After Love” has participated in Alexandria Film Festival in 2014 and received the “first project” award. Some of Nader’s work a documentary film “before clash” 2016 and it’s about the making of film “Clash”, and was screened in Canne Festival, and worked in the direction of the movie “Talk Sena’ay” as second unit director.



9th of January - 9th of April
First 2 months: Friday from 6pm - 10pm Second 2 months: Friday from 4pm - 10pm
4000 EGP
Refund Conditions:
20% of the value of the workshop will be deducted if a refund is required within the 3 days before the workshop, 50% after the first class, and no refund at all will be given after the second class.