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with Ghada Abdel All

This workshop consists of 6 lectures where each student will learn 
the basic principles of writing a screenplay, from coming up with an 
idea to the creation of characters to how to write professional 
dialogue and communicate all of these elements through:


- Writing a scene for television/film
- Writing a treatment for either a television or for a film
- Writing a full screenplay for either television or film.

Over the course of the 6 sessions, you will learn about:
- Log lines, Synopsis, Treatment, Scene Breakdown
- Character Profile, Dialogue & Arc
- The Iconic Phrase & the Motivational Speech
- The Hero’s Journey Technique & the 8 Sequence Technique
- Scene Writing Techniques
- Professional Scene Writing, Scene Writing Philosophy & Using Scene Contrast.

About Ghada Abd El Aal
Blogger, Writer & Screenwriter, Ghada Abd El-Aal released her first book, AyzaAtgawez, in 2008. The book was translated into 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian & Dutch) and was one of the best-selling books that year.
She also published the book ‘Fodoul el Keta’ in 2016 and ‘Maksouft el Rakaba’ in 2017.
She has written numerous articles in prestigious publications, both in Egypt and in the Middle East, over the years including Rotana Magazine, El-Shorouk and Nos El-Donia. Ghada also writes a weekly article for the publication ‘Monte Carlo International’.
Ghada studied screenwriting in 2008 at Kasr El Cinema and has written the television screenplays for ‘Ayza Atgawez’ and ‘Imbratoriat Meen’ and is currently preparing her first full-length feature film screenplay.
She won the Golden Pyramid Award for the Best Comedic Television Screenplay at the Arab Media Festival in Cairo.
Ghada has been teaching screenwriting since 2010 at numerous high-status institutions and universities, as well as at Iowa University in America via online tutoring.



17 February 2021
2000 EGP
Refund Conditions:
20% of the value of the workshop will be deducted if a refund is required within the 3 days before the workshop, 50% after the first class, and no refund at all will be given after the second class.